In a previously made post, I explained everything about how to get prepared for long adventures & expeditions. Since they are the most dangerous, you have to study and prepare a lot before it starts, which will sometimes take years.
However in today’s case, I will talk about short Adventures. The kind you can prepare much faster, since they are already known. For example, the GR20 in France, is a 7-15 days Hike trail that is tagged all the way through. Therefore, someone who wants to do the GR20 don’t necessarily have to do as much preparation as someone who’s leaving for the arctic, still you need proper training, proper studying, and proper gear.

From zero to A-Day (Adventure Day) in 3 months

Today I’ll take the example of the GTA (Great Trail of the Alps). I’m taking that example because it is the Adventure I am preparing right now. Let’s imaging that you want to go through it, and you have 3 months to get prepared, how will you do it?

First of all, please take into consideration that even if you do have a guide you are going with, YOU HAVE TO DO YOUR HOMEWORKS, that includes body conditioning, training, terrain study, dangers study, and gearing up. I won’t talk too much in depth about all of those subjects since I already talked them through in this post, the only difference is that here I’ll show you all of my preparation for the GR5 in a sweet video I made just for you 😉

Without further due, I’ll let you enjoy the video.

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