Since March 2021, I have been looking for wildlife in the area of Paris.
This hunt is what I call the spring hunt. It’s in this season of the year that most species are having their cubs. Therefore, I HAD to be organized.

I chose 3 species to look for: Foxes, Badgers, and KingFishers.

For badger and foxes we are actually in the “cubs season”, the best way to photograph them for me was to find their dens. Since this process is very long (I have to install a trail camera and leave it there for at least a week to see how the spot is used (or not)) I didn’t spend too much time with them.
On the other side, Kingfishers were on their mating period when I finally photographed my first one.
In the following blog post, I will tell you everything about my hunt for the Kingfishers.

Rainbow bird. Kingfisher (Acledo atthis) landed on a branch. © Elias Neil BENLEULMI

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