Hi! If you are here, chances are you want to learn more about photography in order to get better. Don’t worry I’ve been there, looking for free tips and tutorials on the internet. Unfortunately since we usually look for things like “how to edit photos on lightroom” or “how to become an expert in photoshop”, we don’t actually learn the proper way. By that, I mean, learning things because we understood how they work, learning things because they make sense and because they come in such an order, that every single bit of information falls into place.

That’s the exact reason why I decided to open this section on my website. I’ll help you learn photography, in a structured way, so everything makes sense. Ready to begin? Great! Now go to my Youtube channel and enjoy the free tips 🙂


Now if you already know that you are serious about photography and you want to become more professional, I invite you to subscribe to my Online Coaching or to my One-on-One mentoring programs.

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