“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistications”
-Japanese proverb

Let’s talk travel gear! But not a 6kg suit, filled to the point it weights 23.00kg (just to pass the luggage registery) and a huge 12kg Backpack full of “Just in case” gear that you will not use. Let’s stop breaking our backs and start seeing things on a more practical point of view.

My minimalist travel Backpack

So of course since I talked about minimalism, it means that I myself tried it. Am I a minimalist ? Not at all! But I at least try to be one when I can (which includes travel). Therefore, here is a small video of me introducing to you my two forms of minimalist backpacks.

Minimalist travel gear I do recommend

Again, I am not a minimalist in my everyday life myself, but I have taken a lot of time to think about this: How would I see my own minimalist backpack if I were, to make my own Minimalist travel backpack.
As always, all links will be affiliate links, they don’t make the prices cheaper, but they will give ma a small (very small) part of the cake, which always help with my expenses.

I didn’t put any links into the cloth section as I am testing a line that will be fitted for adventure, travel & exploration. This line of clothes will be part of a whole outdoor brand I’ve been wanting to do since my expedition in the Yukon, therefore, the gear list might change by the en of 2020 for much better and durable gear 😉

With this being said: let’s go!


Computer: For the computer, you could either take a MacBook from apple or a windows computer, I personally would use a very light and powerful computer since it’s the only one we have and I want to be able to edit photos and videos. If you don’t do editing, than you can take a computer with less RAM and a less powerful processor:
Editing Computer
Usual Computer

External Hard Drive: For HardDrives I highly suggest you think of a strong backup strategy. I personally would do it like the following: EHD 1 (External Hard Drive) 4T, 1/4th will be a copy of all of your computers folders, even internet bookmarks, notes, internet favorite pages, everything will be in that first 1/4 of space. The rest will be up to you (example: 1/4th Music, Movies, phone backup, etc; 1/4th Photos; 1/4th videos). If you are a Photographer or Videographer (even Amateur), then add UHD 2, which will be a hard drive specially made for your Lightroom catalog and Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro library containing both ongoing projects and rush. UHD 3 will be a Backup of UHD1 (if you also take UHD 2, then take UHD 4 to back up). Finally take a subscription on an online backup in the cloud (In case you loose your backpack with everything, you at least haven’t lost your files which is very important since you will store a scan of all your important documents in both one of your hard drives and the cloud.

Camera Equipement: For camera equipement, if you are not a professional photographer, I recommend the following: Point and Shoot Camera, this small Nikon camera takes awesome pictures but it is also shockproof, dustproof and waterproof… A little tank in it’s own. GoPro hero 8 Black (If you are more into video (or if you do both)) here you have the very best gopro that ever existed.
If you are an amateur photographer/ videographer but you don’t want to bother with too much gear, I suggest this Panasonice Lumix GX9 with the following lens. With only a few weight you will be able to cover most photography subjects.
Finally if you are a professional photographer, well then I’ll let you judge what you need or don’t need.
If you need a Drone, I would suggest the DJI Mavic Mini since it is light and able to fly almost everywhere.


In Camping gear, you will need multiple things. I won’t put too much details into why I recommend this or that. Everything linked in that section are equipements that I am using or I have used in expeditions. Therefore here is the gear I use:
Camping Tent
Ground mat
Sleeping Bag
Coocking set
I didn’t include any water purification pills since I preferr boiling it (it’s safer).


Amazon Travel Backpack
Packable backpack
Tote bag

Other items:

In the tools section, I guess you would need some utility tools like Knives, Screw drivers, a pen, a notebook, & other useful stuff:
Solar charger
Keys (your keys)
For wallet and passeport holder, I use the same Samsonite wallet
Folder Knife
Fixed blade knife
Gear repair kit (I made my own so I couldn’t really tell you which one to take)
Notebook & pen


3 socks
3 underwear
3 Tops
1 city pant
1 outdoor pant
1 short
Light breathable shoes
Trail shoes
Packable Coat

First aid and survival kit:
Tick remover
Self made first aid & survival kit are the bests since they fit your needs.
I’ll do a whole blog post & video to teach you how to make proper survival and first aid kits ;).

Papers & Paperwork:

Passeport (your passeport and ID Documents)
Paperwork holder

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