Photographer-journalist represented by SIPA PRESS agency (partnered with Associated Press), holding a degree in photography and awarded at the International Photography Awards 2021 and 2022 in the wildlife and landscape categories, I visually capture subjects related to wildlife in remote areas, as well as focusing on environmental and travel themes (primarily adventure travel and expeditions).

In parallel, I am an explorer and a certified Arctic Guide. When I am not embarking on solo journeys, I organize workshops, trips, and guided expeditions to bring my clients as close as possible to remote wildlife in complete autonomy.

Here are some of my recent expeditions

-Crossing Canada on a RoadTrip from Montreal to Tofino (Vancouver Island) 2016
-Climbing the Mont Blanc (Western Europe’s tallest summit) 2017
-Photographing Northern lights in southern Québec 2017
-Crossing Gaspésie on multiple trips (cliff climbing, fishing, Wild Hiking& Survival) 2018
-Crossing the Yukon on a Canoe from Whitehorse to Dawson City 2019
-Trailing through the French Alps (GR5 – Photo Documentary) 2020
-Preparation for the high Arctic 2021 – 2022
-Winter Expedition to Svalbard (High Arctic) to find and photograph the Polar Bears. 2023
-Expedition in autonomy in Norway to find and photograph the Musk-Oxen 2023

Interested in a potential collaboration / partnership / sponsorship?
Feel free to download my media kit here (last update, 9th August 2023)