My Name is Elias Neil, I’m a Photojournalist & artist specialized in wildlife, landscape & adventure.
After studying Biology – Ecology in Canada & PhotoJournalism in France, my goal is to use my scientific experience as a tool in my documentaries and artistic choices.

I recently went from doing sportive expeditions as an athlete to focusing mainly on photography and filmmaking. My goal being to share, I want people to be fully aware on the changes in the environment in extreme places as they happen.

Some of the notable adventures and expeditions I’ve recently been through:
-Crossing Canada on a RoadTrip from Montreal to Tofino (Vancouver Island) 2016
-Climbing the Mont Blanc (Western Europe’s tallest summit) 2017
-Photographing Northern lights in southern Québec 2017
-Crossing Gaspésie on multiple trips (cliff climbing, fishing, Wild Hiking& Survival) 2018
-Crossing the Yukon on a Canoe from Whitehorse to Dawson City 2019
-Trailing through the French Alps (GR5 – Photo Documetary) 2020

As well, here are some of my recent works as a photographer:
-Misty mountains, a climber’s view on the mountains 2020 – Still ongoing
-See without being spotted, the backstages of wildlife photography 2021-2022
-Life after death, the treasure of Vienna’s cemetery 2022

With this being said, I welcome you into my world!